Hot stone massage, dinner and a stay at Watermark Hotel Gold Coast

It was only the gentle clack as they met while gliding over my body that reminded me that I was actually being soothed by hot stones.

With my head down and eyes shut most of the time it was hard to see what was happening but I didn't really need to know.  It was all about relaxing and feeling good and that was happening in spades.  I glanced over to the next bed to see K2 in the same blissful state, relaxing on treatment bed in the L'Aqua Day Spa hidden inside the Watermark Hotel.

We were visiting the Gold Coast for my cousin's wedding, a lovely family and friends affair held at their canal front home.  It's times like this that the Gold Coast really shines.  Waking up each morning to their view would really be like living in a holiday resort.

The day ended for us with a night at the Watermark Hotel and Spa in Surfers Paradise. I had been invited to try their Club Watermark experience which includes all the little extras that make a good weekend great.  Our car was whisked away and parked by a valet, the bottle of Chandon was chilled and waiting for us on arrival and it only took me a few seconds to get into a fluffy robe and don the slippers - bliss after the standing and chatting which comes with a wedding.

After a good relax, gazing out the window and enjoying the view, we decided to explore some of the hotel's other options and headed for even canapes in the Club Premier Lounge - free to Club Watermark guests.  This is a great way to start an evening - you just sit back and enjoy a glass of wine and a few nibbles before heading out - very low stress.

Despite the fabulous lunch food at the wedding, we headed for the hotel's Amalfi Restaurant on the ground floor and indulged in some Italian cooking -

Quaglia Arrostita - Char-grilled Quail with Pearl Barley, Pancetta and Ligurian Olives

Caprese - Buffalo Mozzarella and Prosciutto

Saltimbocca alla Romana - Veal in Mushroom Sauce, Prosciutto and Sage on a Sweet Potato Cake

With groaning stomachs we headed up to bed and a good night's sleep.  In the morning we enjoyed a very relaxed breakfast again in the Club Premier Lounge and then it was massage time - it's a hard life sometimes.

To finish the weekend we headed over to the beach for an hour in the sun and surf. The Surfers Paradise strip might be a little too commercial for me, but the beach still has the breadth that reminds me of my childhood.  The surf was gentle, the sky blue and the sun warm - just perfect really.  And all a very short stroll from the hotel - the best of both worlds!

Bottom line - Handy location, close to the beach and a stress free stay.  Hot stone massage is fantastic!

Watermark Hotel & Spa
3032 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise,  p 5588 8000