Hamptons Home Living, Paddington - closed

What's better than a great coffee on the verandah while enjoying a fabulous view of Brisbane's city skyline?

For me, add homewares, gifts and the odd book and I'm in heaven.

This is the combo you'll find at Hamptons Home Living - St Ali coffee, a tempting breakfast menu and a selection of homewares in the Hamptons style that has me itching to redecorate.

Hamptons is the passion of ex-Melbournites Luke Stringer and Tania Bailey.  It's a winning combo of Luke's many years of restaurant experience with Tania's obvious talents in home decor.

Despite the fact that Natasha Mirosch's Courier Mail story on Brisbane's best breakfasts had resulted in footpath queues down most of Latrobe Terrace, the crowds had yet to find Hamptons this Saturday morning when we popped in for breakfast.

What did we eat?  Not the 'Frenched' brioche with blueberry and lime and Chantilly cream or the smashed avocado on Leavain sour dough with Yara Valley Persian fetta or the baked eggs with slow cooked tomato, thyme and more fetta.

Instead it was the truffled eggs and Schulz cold smoked bacon that caught my attention while K2 went for a BLT with the same bacon.

The view from the verandah is wonderfully relaxing especially when you are seated in the warm sun.  It can get a little windy out there but there's also a generous share table inside.

The service at Hamptons is really spot on and you'll not wait long for anything.

It's also open for lunch with another tempting menu and the cabinet is filled with goodies many of which carry a Judy C Cakes stamp - yum.

Bottom line:  Add Hamptons to your breakfast, lunch and coffee  list - you'll be glad you did. Parking availability on Latrobe Terrace varies - be prepared to park on one of the steep side streets and if you do, don't park with the engine uphill if you are low on petrol.  Just take my word on it!

Hamptons Home Living,
180 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. +61 (0) 7 3367 2002.

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