Pie lover's heaven

I've discovered a foodie's heaven -  14 types of single breed meat pies with over 100 different pies in total on offer!

Yes, I'm talking Wagu, Black Angus, Limosen, Charolais, Brahman, Droughtmaster and more with most available for sale in the cafe and bakery - bliss!

We were on the motor bike for a Sunday morning ride out into the Brisbane Valley (that's different from Fortitude Valley folks) after a predicted wet weekend broke early with signs of sunshine.  We rode out through The Gap along Waterworks Road until it became Mount Nebo and then Mount Glorious.

As we climbed up into the mountains the misty fog became denser and thicker and I felt like I was in the middle of a fantasy movie. My fogged up helmet visor and increasingly fogged sunglasses didn't help. I shut my eyes, after all I was a pillion passenger, but that was only scarier - like being in an endless dark tunnel on a Dreamworld ride.

Eventually the road wound downhill and the mist cleared to blue sky and bright sun. Fernvale was then just a short hop down the road and the warmth of The Old Fernvale Bakery Cafe incredibly welcome.

Thank goodness they offer an all day breakfast and our order - scrambled eggs with fried tomatoes and toast $11.90 and eggs Benedict with ham and spinach on an English muffin $13.95 - arrived in reasonable time while Roy Orbison crooned in the corner. Just as well  my breakfast hit the spot or I would have been crying along with him.

The cafe is full of country charm and staffed by locals who make up for their lack of polish with genuine country friendliness. Outside is a large courtyard area that would be perfect dining on a spring or summer's day.

Of course I couldn't resist browsing the cake cabinet and came home with a frangipani pie (coconut,pineapple and custard topped with meringue). Surprisingly it survived the bike trip home quite well and tasted better than your average bakery pie but not outstanding.

All the Breed Specific pies available in the pie shop are available on the cafe's lunch menu with salad and chips or veggies and gravy $13.95.  There's even mushy peas on the menu.

If you want pies to take home, wander to the bakery next door.  We were there about 11am and it was very busy with lots of staff serving customers and plenty of stock.

We sampled three pies for dinner last night - the Wagu, Charolais and Black Angus.  K2 tucked into his and pronounced them all 'just fine thanks'.  I tried to compare flavour differentials between the pies and decided I liked the one with the 'whale' image best.  I'm guessing that was a Wagu but I don't really know.  It's interesting as I often prefer a grass fed Black Angus in steak.

My frequent 'beef' with pies is too much salt and these certainly caused a dry mouth in the middle of the night for both of us.

 Bottom line:  Good pies, not gourmet standard but I'd certainly eat them again. The cafe is both a destination and welcome highway stop.

Old Fernvale Bakery
1494 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale 
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