Mushroom madness at The Ekka

You may think that going to the Ekka is a sign of madness itself but, for mushroom lovers, next Tuesday August 16, could be a must!

It's Mushroom Day at the Ekka with cooking demonstrations, tastings and recipes on offer at the Brisbane Markets Agricultural Hall.

This year is the 50th Anniversary of mushroom growing in Australia. To celebrate, the Australian Mushroom Growers Association have released an Mushroom Mania iPhone App to guide mushroom lovers to their nearest mushroom loving restaurant in Queensland – so it’s A (Agnes Waters) to Z (well Y- Yungaburra) for the fabulous fungi!   It's only available from the Mushroom Mania website, so navigate there with from phone to get it.

This year at the Ekka, the AMGA, with Carmel driving the burners, will tempt the taste buds with a menu of chicken and mushroom sausage rolls, mushroom, beef and cashew stir-fry, BBQ lamb and mushrooms with lemon and finally, mushroom risotto.

Visitors can go into the draw to win a mushroom BBQ set and chef’s apron simply by joining up to the free Mushroom Lovers Club. All recipes are from the Mushroom Mania website and will be available in hard copy on the day