Honey I'm home - revitalize me!

Next time you want to greet someone special with a refreshing drink after a long journey or perhaps welcome your dinner guests try this blend.

Walking into the impressive lobby of Saffire, Freycinet in Tasmania, I was greeted with this beautiful drink and immediately asked for the recipe - and they were happy to share.

3 frozen raspberries
20 mls lemon juice
Dash Grenadine
150 ml ginger beer

Muddle frozen raspberries and lemon juice. Strain mix and add ginger beer. Sink Grenadine through the drink.

Garnish with a raspberry.

If I was feeling frisky, I'd probably add a dash of Bombay Saphire or a swig of vodka.

Saffire is the sort of place everyone should visit at least once to have that feeling of true indulgence.  Do it and your expectations will be exceeded - guaranteed.

Saffire, Freycinet