Rocky Hills Retreat, Tasmania - When yes is the only answer

First impressions are important and when I walked into Rocky Hills Retreat perched high on a hill between Orford and Swansea just for a look, I immediately wanted to stay there.

It's the sort of place where there's only one answer and that's yes.  Yes, I want to stay there. Yes, I want to walk through the peppermint trees bathing in the fresh scent. Yes, I want to dabble with art and find some creativity in the artist studio.

So it's no surprise that amongst the many cushions on the bed there's 'yes' but not a 'no' in sight.  Check out the bookshelves and you'll find plenty of inspiration as well, that's if you're not enjoying a bath on the outdoor deck.  Do save that for summer time though!

After a night of sampling too many fine Tasmanian wines and wonderful produce at Ethos, a cute casual restaurant in Hobart (more soon on this), we jumped into the car and drove towards Freycinet.

Even though Rocky Hills Retreat is just two kilometres up a gravelly dirt driveway, it feels like a million miles away. Once you pass through the stone gates the 250 acres of dry sclerophyll bush closes around you.

The Retreat provides a safe place to engage with nature, to watch the weather roll in, the wind bend the trees, the sun dancing on the sea, the birds going about their business as though you were not there.

If it is cold you can put on the jackets, boots and gloves that are in the laundry and walk up to the art studio. There's lots to do there - draw, paint, sculpt, knit, read, play.

It's all about convenience as well, with a well stocked store cupboard that guests can draw from and pay by use.

Here's what to expect -

This is the artist's retreat which is separate to the accommodation but included in the deal.

Bottom line - a bit more than your standard accommodation, but worth every cent.  The perfect getaway from the world.

Rocky Hills Retreat,
11901 Tasman Highway, Rocky Hills, Swansea.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Tourism Tasmania.

Kerry Heaney