The Dayboro Deli Country Kitchen, Dayboro

Happenstance had us searching for a breakfast joint in Dayboro on our Sunday morning bike ride and we found The Dayboro Deli on its grand opening weekend.

This place oozes charm, a combo of semi-country setting with a bit of city sophistication, a welcome offering to Dayboro's main street.

Dayboro is one of Brisbane's best kept secrets. Only 45 minutes from Brisbane's CBD it's a bit like Samford used to be 10 years ago.  We used to hop into the car and go to the markets at Samford for a Sunday country fix but now days Samford has taken on a much more suburban look.

The Dayboro Deli looks a bit small from the street but actually has a lot of seating, both outside under some shady trees, and inside up the stairs with a view over the street.

There's a range of meals including sandwiches, salads, light lunches and the deli has a good selection of herbs, spices, cheese and small goods, both local and imported.  I picked up some La Chinata smoked paprika powder I've been meaning to buy for a while.

You could drop in here for breakfast or lunch or ask them to pack you up some picnic supplies - I'm sure they would oblige.

The breakfast menu includes french toast ($11) and continental breakfast ($14) options plus simple eggs and local bacon, toast and tomato ($10).  The baked eggs chakchouka with Indian Punjabi chutney and a touch of chorizo proved a big hit with our group.  There was also a big breakfast option with a Dayboro Butchery English Sausage and much more ($16). 

And for those who love offal - you know who you are - lambs fry, fired onions, bacon and eggs ($18).

I enjoyed my coffee but K2 wanted a double shot.

We continued the ride with Roy and TC in the lead, this is their patch, winding through small country roads, past contented grazing cows with their calves and along side pictureque creeks - a bit of rural bliss.  I'm always amazed to find all this so close to Brisbane

A great morning out and thanks to friends Roy and TC for coordinating the motor bike ride and Warren and Silva for joining us. You can see what a dangerous looking bunch of bikies we are :)

Bottom line:  Great for a weekend breakfast, lunch or more.

Dayboro Deli,
12 Williams Street Dayboro. 3425 1510