Local's secret French patisserie revealed

You'll love this little French cafe in Cooroy, my friend Gail said. People drive there from Noosa just to eat their croissants.

And she was right! The croissants at Maison de Provence in Cooroy are everything a croissant should be - crisp, light, buttery and melt in the mouth. Not something for the diet conscious but if you like your pastries authentically good, it's a great place to visit.

It was too soon after breakfast for us to enjoy more than a coffee and light treat so the almond croissant and sugary biscuit were perfect.

There's also no doubt about the Frenchness of this place.  From the soft French accents behind the counter to the more strident tones in the kitchen, it's definitely genuine.  The menu keeps the theme going with offerings including Croque Monsieur, Escargots with baguette and Quiche Lorraine.

It's been a while since I've been to Cooroy and I was surprised by the changes in the town.  There's still traces of the sleepy little village but with atleast four coffee shops in town things have obviously moved upmarket. 

The cafe also has a range of French deli items and some chocolates that look too good to eat.

After our decadent morning tea we rode the motor bike down to Booren Point and relaxed around Lake Cootharaba for while.  A perfect way to spend a relaxing day.

Bottom line: A must for Francofiles and lovers of fine French pastries.

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  1. Rastas0007:53 am

    I wish you wouldn't promote these places..... We won't get a seat at the best kept secret in Cooroy!!

  2. Sorry :) Have you tried the snails?

  3. Celeste9:20 am

    Looks gorgeous! I am actually headed there tomorrow... all in the name of research, of course.

  4. Try the snails Celeste - it's important for research.


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