Chocolateria San Churro, South Bank

I thought I could smell chocolate at 20 yards but Chocolateria San Churro slipped under my safety net and established itself at South Bank a couple of weeks ago.

It certainly hasn't escaped the attention of other chocolate lovers though as my sneaky spies report that the place is always buzzing with customers.

San Churro puts a Spanish spin on chocolate with a menu of churros (Spanish doughnuts) and hot chocolate with Spanish inspired flavours  including chilli, hazelnut and mint.

According to their menu, the Spanish first discovered the Aztec secret of chocolate in 1528. Spanish monks sweetened and refined the bitter cocoa drink of the Aztecs to create hot chocolate as we know it today.

Part of a chain, the shop has that slick, formula driven front that fits together like a jigsaw, from the hot chocolate mixture to the macarons.

Eager to try, I sat down with friends to a plate of churros for one which seemed expensive at $7.95. They did taste great and the chocolate dipping sauce was rich and dark.

I was less impressed by the classic hot chocolate, which at $5.95, also seemed expensive. The mixture was thick but the flavour thin and unsatisfying.

Still, I decided to try some macarons in a take home pack and also indulge in a selection of their chocolates.  The visual appeal was real but the flavour - well for me it was another 'not worth the calories moment'.  I'm tempted to dismiss my reaction as fussy taste buds but my companions also felt likewise.

I love chocolate and frequently purchase everything from Lindt to Pralus.  I'm at home in Bittersweet, Monty's Chocolate and even Max Brenner, but I can't warm to Chocolateria San Churro.

Bottom line: Stick with churros.
Best tip: Head to Max Brenner around the corner.

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