Double Shot, New Farm

It's a joyful moment when I see the words 'everything baked in house' on the menu as I did at Double Shot Espresso Bar.

Tucked away in the sleepy end of city-slick New Farm, Double Shot is the creation of Ross Skinner and Michael De Laurence who have earned their stripes in hospitality working in cafes up the coast from Sydney to Brisbane.

The cold cabinet brims full of delectable goodies including tarts and giant sambos and the menu has a few twists to liven up even a jaded lunch palate.

Make your own sardine sandwiches with sardines still in the tin certainly appealed to me and I loved the way they arrived on a large board surrounded by bright red tomatoes, fresh rocket, mayo and a tasty chutney.  All I had to do was assemble my perfect open sandwich and dive in.

K2 was restrained and just ordered a sweet treat.  It turned out to be so full of rich goodness I actually got to share some of the creamy caramel pecan pie - delicious - with caramel just the way I like it.

I said the coffee was a little strong for my taste and K2 smirked. Didn't you see the name he said, Double Shot might have something to do with it.  He who often orders a double shot for his coffee was of course perfectly happy.  I have to admit defeat here and graciously move on to the next coffee.

It's obviously a popular cafe with locals judging by the constant stream of cool characters who walked through the door or took up a seat outside.

There was plenty of seating both inside and outside the cafe and parking a plenty on the street.

Bottom line: Much easier to find a park here than on James Street and cheaper prices too.
Best tip: Enjoy your double shot coffee and don't complain.

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