Food dreams - Vietnam, Cambodia and the Mekong River with Alastair McLeod

What’s Alastair McLeod going to do now Brett’s Wharf is closing on September 2?  How about a tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and the Mekong River?

Taking his ‘eleventeen’ (Alastair’s words) weeks of holidays and talking to his travel agent Hillary, Alastair has come up with a fabulous tour of Vietnam and Cambodia, taking in the culture and history, for 18 days from November 9 – 26, including seven nights on the new MS Avalon Angkor - yep that’s a boat.

There will be just 32 people, make that 33 as Alastair has enough energy for two, and you’ll get to do lots of interesting cheffy food things along the way.

It starts in Ho Chi Minh City with a market tour and cooking class and continues until you board your cruise which has to be one of the most luxe and stress free ways to travel throughout Asia.

I’m going to stop telling you about this tour now as I’m turning green with envy.  Suffice to say I would be there in a flash if I could as the full itinerary is fascinating.  Find out more from Hilary 

Note: While the closure of Brett’s Wharf has freed Alastair somewhat, he is still going to be busy as Chef at Tank and his other commitments.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid post