Your opinion? Is photography in restaurants really annoying you?

According to a report on Mashable some New York City restaurants are banning their customers from taking food photos.

They say taking photos of your meal is annoying to other customers, distracting to the chef and just plain silly.

I say, with a few self-imposed rules -

1. always ask permission
2. never use a flash
3. try to be discreet

food photography is a harmless hobby, a bonding experience with other food lovers and a great way to see what your meal could look like.

It's also a source of instant free publicity for restaurants, a rare and valuable commodity these days.

Permission to take photos has only been declined to me once, at Max Brenner in Sydney many years ago.

Have you ever been asked not to take photos?  Do you find it annoying when others take photos of their food?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.