The Magic of Mother’s Day

I’ve been looking through a box of old Mother’s Day cards and the tears are running down my cheeks.

There’s such a lot of thought and effort from little hands to create these cards which are so full of memories for me today.

Perhaps it’s only a mother’s eye but to me they are the most beautiful things in the world. Every laboured pen stroke is another step along the path towards these wonderful people growing from babies to adults.

We've graduated from Mother's Day breakfasts of soggy toast and lukewarm tea served in bed with a flower plucked from the garden to a the big brekkie at a local cafe, and while the food is a lot better I still miss those early days.

I can afford to be nostalgic and romantic about this now because my children are well grown and although my days mothering them will never be over, they have been released into the world as adults to create their own destinies.

I don’t think I ever really appreciated what my mother did for me until after the birth of my first child. Exhausted after a long day of nappy changing, bathing, feeding and cleaning, with the odd story written in quiet moments, I suddenly realised I was not the first nor would be the last to be in this position. Thank you Mum, I said to my surprised mother who brushed it all off as simply 'what you do'.

I say the same thing to my children, even now, when I rescue them from the wrong bus stop, a fashion disaster or just offer a word of advice.  Of course now they do the same thing for me, including helping out in the kitchen when I need a hand for a special dinner like pro sous chefs.

All these memories have been brought back to mind by the simple act of leafing through old cards, so my message to you is send one.  It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive but it does have to come from the heart.

Make this Mother's Day memorable for your mother for all the right reasons and simply show her that you care. Send her a card, a social e-card  works for me these days, and give her something to remember you by in years to come. 

And a special thank you to Xander and Vessie for simply being you.  xox

PS. My mum is getting the 'It's funny how we never talk about me being the favourite child' ecard - you have been warned little Bro!

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