Knock knock! – it’s Hello Fresh at the door

If only all cooking weeks could be as stress free as this one.

“What?” you say. “She’s a food blogger, she must love cooking!”

Well I do, but I also love writing and I also love finding new places to write about and then there’s the writing work that actually pays the bills and then there’s my family… did they really come at the end of the list?

The truth is, like most busy people I like to cook but finding the time to prepare a good meal is hard. I often work until six or seven pm and then again after dinner. And I’m not keen on spending hours in the kitchen when I’m on deadline.

Enter this week’s joy – Hello Fresh. This is a delivery service that brings all the ingredients and recipes for meals that you prepare yourself, right to your door.

I got to try a week’s worth of Hello Fresh meals after meeting HelloFresh Australia’s Founder and CEO Tom Rutledge of Masterchef fame.  Tom cooked up lunch for a group of food bloggers and explained how it all works.

Seems that Tom (pictured above) likes cooking too but has a two-pot rule to make cleaning up easy. The meals are all designed to be cooked in 30 minutes or less and work out at about $10 per person.  How does he get the cost so low?  Well it’s about buying in bulk of course but also about using seasonal ingredients that are cheaper and portion control so you don’t waste food.  I particularly like the portion control aspect for two reasons – it’s cheaper and I’m trying to cut down on unnecessary waste.

The boxes are delivered from Sydney at the moment until they have enough business to justify a warehouse in Brisbane.

There’s an option to have a three or five dinner delivery and either for two, four or six people.  We have three people in our household which made it a little tricky but it was still easier than doing the shopping and thinking up menus from scratch.

Hello Fresh is introducing new online options which will allow a choice of meals and add ons with your delivery which might make odd numbers easier.

Tom says that some of their best customers are working parents who love the five night option.

I’ve been through my box and I’m pleased with the quality and variety of the ingredients.  I don’t think I could buy better for the same price or even a little more expensive.

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Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK received a 5 day box to trial from Hello Fresh.