Beat Winter Waist Gain

Winter means crisp mornings where you don't want to get out of bed in the dark and snuggling under a rug in front of the television at night. Unfortunately, along with the rug comes the odd block of chocolate which has followed a few other keep warm treats during the day. The result? Poundage!

So, the other way I know it's winter is a subtle tightening of the jeans. Oh dear..

But it seems I am not alone with winter waist gain a common problem. According results published in June from the 2011-2012 Australian National Health Survey, 60 per cent of males and 67 per cent of females have waists measuring greater than 94cm for men and 80cm for women - putting them at higher risk of serious health problems like type two diabetes, some cancers and heart disease.

If you are waist-line challenged despair not! Here's some tips from Kate Gudorf, Spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia for winter warmers that won't break your fuel budget.

Soups and casseroles

Kate says, 'I love warming up at the end of a cold day with chunky vegetable soup or a casserole with lean meat, lentils and plenty of colourful veggies.'

Hot drinks

Kate says, 'Hot drinks are a great way to stay warm during the day. As a general rule, I use reduced-fat milk and skip the added sugars and sweet syrups.'

Baked or poached fruit

Kate says, 'Warmed fruit is a healthy way to get your sweet treat without the extra fats and kilojoules. I love adding some reduced-fat yoghurt or custard for a healthy and satisfying winter dessert.'

DAA's five savvy swaps.... for a healthier you this winter

  • Swap a store-bought muffin for two slices of raising toast with a scrape of margarine SAVE 1,027KJ and 15g fat

  • Swap a regular vanilla latte for a skim milk latte SAVE 800KJ and 10g fat

  • Swap an apple pie for a baked apple with sultanas and walnuts. SAVE 635KJ and 12g fat.

  • Swap three chocolate biscuits for a small hot chocolate with reduced-fat milk SAVE 200KJ and 7g fat

  • Swap a packet of chips for a bag of unsalted and unbuttered popcorn SAVE 800KJ and 10g fat

Bottom line: Your waist line is your bottom line here
Best tip: moderation in all things

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Source: The Dietitians Association of Australia