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This week’s food nibbles – best eating in the South Pacific, another market, paddock to plate, dine smart, mighty chef, pork and pop.

Congrats to… drum roll…Harrisons Restaurant & Bar Port Douglas

It’s not all bad news for restaurants when it comes to social media – this accolade comes via the 2013 Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice Awards which ranked Harrisons at number 7 out of 10 'Best Restaurants' in the South Pacific' region and number 4 out of 10 'Best Restaurants' in Australia'.  Harrisons share the top rankings with the likes of ‘Restaurant Amuse’ in Perth and industry institution ‘Lake House’ in Victoria’s Daylesford.  Award winning chef Spencer Patrick (pictured above) and wife Reina have achieved several national accolades during their six years of running Harrisons, but rate this one as a particular highlight because of the nature of the vote. Spencer is a food innovator as you can see from his unusual dessert treatment pictured below.

You can try some of Spencer’s food in Brisbane at Bucci, James Street.

Yes – another market!

West End will gain another market from mid-November with the launch of the Boundary Street Markets on the historic site of the old Peter’s Factory (now the Absoe site).

It’s described as a people’s market with a village vibe and a collective of growers, food producers, local artisans and designers, traders showcasing their products each weekend undercover.  Try it for a weekly fruit and veg shop,  to buy a unique gift or just relax with a catch-up-coffee. Offering everything from farm fresh, organics, herbs, flowers, bread, pastry, honey, seafood, meat, cakes, eggs, spices, teas, coffee, yoghurt, nuts, oils, deli, juices, ice cream, muesli, pate, antipasto, candy, gelato, popcorn, gluten free, home wares, eco products, jewellery, fashion, retro, handmade, antique traders, vintage, upcycled, recycled, knitters, stationery, kids style, tea makers, clothing, bohemian style, silversmiths, art, pottery, candles, body products, ink and more.  Every Saturday & Sunday commencing 16 and 17 November from 7am – 2pm.

Paddock to plate

Did you see the first episode of Matt Moran's Paddock to Plate on Wednesday at 8.30pm on Foxtel LifeStyle Channel?  Well I don’t have Foxtel so I’m waiting for the DVD to watch Matt as he embarks on a road trip to meet the best growers, producers and farmers that the East Coast of Australia has to offer and then cook it into plenty of delicious dishes in beautiful and unique locations.

“I’ve been in the food industry for a long time, but the people that I’ve met and the knowledge I’ve been able to take from this experience has been incredible and so inspiring. It’s made me realise how beautiful and diverse the country is and how lucky we are to have the produce we do," says Matt.

Matt also recently has also made public his views about restaurateurs who are complaining about paying $45 per hour to their staff on public holidays.  Part and parcel of owning a restaurant he says.  See what others have to say here.

If you’d like to see how they do it at Aria there’s a good value two course lunch Monday to Friday, 1-29 November for $35 with dishes inspired by the farmers, producers, growers Matt met while making Paddock to Plate.

Share the love

StreetSmart Australia and its restaurant partners are calling on Australians to help out once again this Christmas with its upcoming DineSmart campaign from 11 November to 31 December. Now in its 11th year, the campaign’s winning formula makes it easy for anyone to get involved and raise much-needed funds for local grassroots charities supporting homelessness. DineSmart is run by restaurants (143 to date) that ask patrons to add a small donation to their bill. The money collected is donated directly to support homeless refuges and charities selected based on their need and proximity to participating restaurants.

Find out more here  Ed+bK supports DineSmart.

Mighty chef

Adam Herbert (ex Cove Bar & Dining, Sea Salt at Armstrong’s, and most recently at Epicurean) is taking up the role of  Executive Chef  at new Brisbane restaurant, Mighty Mighty cue & brew, in Fortitude Valley’s new M&A development.  Expect to see some of Adam’s passion for American cuisine on display a Mighty Mighty.

“I have a true love affair with smokehouse barbeque that’s been growing with intensity over the last 20 years. To say I am infatuated with smokehouse would be an understatement. I have my own, purpose built smokehouse in my back yard where I smoke anything from fish to veggies to meat and poultry. It’s a flavour that can’t be replicated without using natural timber smoke and it’s these flavours that we will be bringing to the people of Brisbane”, he says.  Mighty Mighty is now taking bookings for lunch and dinner from Wednesday 4 December.

This week I’m liking


Cheat’s dinner - Pork on my fork

I’ve had some Murray Valley Pork delivered to me so I can create some inspirational meals.  Lacking any inspiration at all after a long day I went for the most simple of the three cuts provided and shoved a roast in the oven surrounded by veggies.  While this is a mostly-made-it-myself meal (except for the cranberry/almond stuffing in the pork) I call it a cheat’s dinner because it’s so easy.  I just throw peeled carrots and quartered potatoes that I swirl in a dish with a little oil, into the pan and roast for an hour along with the pork.  Too easy.

Murray Valley Pork has a small amount of a special brine recipe added to it for increased moisture in the meat which works a treat. It’s brining without the effort.

The pork is grown on farms in Australia’s Riverina region in southern New South Wales and northern Victoria. Their animal welfare policy is ‘to care for every pig every day’ and  the farms are sow gestation stall free.

Here’s where you can buy it.

Pushing up the pop

My job takes me to lots of events and I often see and eat cute individual creations.  I’m looking forward to getting a bit creative myself with these new Push Pops from the Wiltshire Art of Baking Push Pop Kits. The idea is that you layer almost any sort of food in the lidded cylinder and a push-up mechanism underneath, which includes a stick for holding the snack presentation.

I’m thinking ice cream sundae treats, fruit, muesli and yoghurt for a breakfast on the run, mini muffins, a luscious macaron stack, party sweets, layers of cake and frosting or individual mini trifles! Yes, I know you want an invitation to my next soiree but you’ll have to take your place in the queue, sorry!

Find the Wiltshire Art of Baking Push Pop Kit comes with six Push Pops and a Push Pop stand for $13 at Woolworths.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was gifted some Murray Valley Pork.