Wide wine choice at 5th element, South Bank, Brisbane.

Mmm.. wine.. That’s what I was saying all afternoon last week in anticipation of an afternoon at 5th Element in Brisbane’s Southbank.

Ed+bK Bar reporter Alexander Stone test drives 5th Element's new menu

I've never had wine at 5th element before and had always wondered what all the wines in the dispensing system down the back were about. The idea is that you receive a small credit card like device at the bar, then go up to your wine of choice select a taste, half or full glass and presto, it pours it for you. No waiting no, messing around just instant wine. If you’re unsure and don’t want to taste every wine in the joint (there's a fair few), the staff  have an excellent knowledge of the wines available and are more than willing to share their favorites.

In the end we sampled a lot of wines but just as many cocktails from their new cocktail selection.

My first selection was the Twisted Lady – she’s a little crazy but definite crowd pleaser just as the menu promised.  Mixing Gin, Aperol and peach then shaken with grapefruit and egg white, the lady was finished with crushed freeze-dried raspberries that seemed to float elegantly on top of the light, almost creamy, top layer.

I then had to try the staples – you know - an Espresso Martini and then the 5th Element Zombie. Both did not fail to impress, especially the zombie with half a lime precariously balanced on top of the high ball glass, then set on fire.

While all this was going on we tried some of the new menu. The items that first caught my eye were the spiced crumbed calamari and Morton bay prawns with shaved fennel avocado mayo. I also had a taste of a miniature version of the double smoked bacon cheese burger which hit the spot after more than a couple of reds.

The new menu was put together by the new executive chef Jake Nicolson who recently arrived from Circa in Melbourne, bringing a focus on healthy seasonal colourful food.

5th is now also open for breakie on the weekends from 8am which I'll be keen to check out soon. I’ve heard the smoked ocean trout is a must try.

What’s your favourite cocktail?  Have you tried the wine dispensing system?

Best tip:  The wine dispensing system means you can try many different wines, a great way to expand your repertoire.

Bottom line: New menu is worth sampling.

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Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK were guests of 5th Element.