Capital Region Farmers Market, Canberra

There's no better way to get to know an area than by visiting a local farmers' market.  You'll meet real locals, both farmers and shoppers, and see the bounty of the region.

Capital Region Farmers Market is a must on your Canberra itinerary.  It's a real farmers' market. No resellers here unless they are family or neighbours of the producers.

It's run by the Rotary Club of Hall and they actually go out an inspect the producer's farms to see the kale growing in the ground, hear the cluck of the chickens laying their eggs and pat the cattle.  Prices are competitive to local supermarkets but in best market fashion, the produce is so much fresher and we are talking days, not weeks, between the farm and you.

This is a big market with over 100 stall holders in a series of sheds that buzz with people busy buying their produce.  There's plenty of regulars and friends catching up creating lots of happy banter.

I sampled black rice pudding and traditional sticky Dutch biscuits for breakfast, washed it all down with coffee and fresh orange juice and tried freshly cracked walnuts.  My shopping bag was restricted by a flight the next day but I've slipped in some fresh locally grown garlic, a big bag of walnuts to crush and a smoked trout complete with an ice pack.  I'm planning to enjoy all this, along with a bottle of fine Canberra region wine, on my deck at home.

This market was established to help local producers sell their goods direct to the public well before it was fashionable.  And it's worked.  From a founding group of 10 farmers the shed is now filled with stalls and has been expanded several times to include new vendors.
Here's a small sample of what I saw-

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Disclaimer: Ed+bK is travelling as a guest of Canberra Tourism.