One lucky mum is going to high tea!

Zoe likes sweet chilli chicken nachos, Valmai prefers Shepard’s pie served with steamed vegetables and a huge side of love and Cristal just wants mum’s curry, but the one that made my stomach rumble was Nicole’s mum’s lemon and salt basted roast chicken stuffed with lavender and camembert cheese.

Nicole and her clever mum will be enjoying a Mother’s Day High Tea on Saturday afternoon compliments of Treasury Casino.

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In the meantime – here’s the recipe

Lemon, Lavender & Camembert Stuffed Roast Chicken

Size 14 Chicken
1 wheel of camembert cheese
3 tbspns of lavender (True English Lavender is the best)
1 tspn oregano
3 lemons
Pinch of salt

1.    Preheat oven to 180c

2.    Grate the zest of one lemon into a medium size bowl.

3.    Hand squeeze the juice of the 3 lemons into a jug and set aside.

4.    Roughly break up the camembert cheese into 2cm piece into the bowl with the lemon zest and mix with lavender & a pinch of salt.

5.    Stuff chicken with cheese mixture, cross legs & tie off with twine.

6.    Place chicken in a roasting dish and baste with approximately 1/5 of the lemon juice until the chicken is nice and glossy.

7.    Sprinkle chicken with oregano and salt, and rub into the chicken skin.

8.    Place in oven for approximately 75 minutes, stopping to baste the chicken with lemon juice every 15 mins [4 times in total]. This will ensure that your chicken stays moist and is packed with flavour.

9.    Serve with your favourite root vegetables and enjoy!

Disclaimer: The High Tea is courtesy of Treasury Casino.

Kerry Heaney