London to Paris with Rail Europe

Eurostar train carriage

I’ve never been a ‘the journey is part of the experience’ sort of person. For me it’s been more about arriving rather than how you get there.  Why take a train when you can fly? 

Rail Europe has changed that with the ultra convenient and ultra comfortable Eurostar London to Paris train.

Granted, the actual air journey may be quicker  when you fly but add in the time travelling to and from the airport, and the extra time required to transit the terminal, and you’ll see a different picture.

Another bonus is that instead of travelling miles to the outskirts, the train leaves and departs from the heart of each city offering a memorable arrival into a bustling centre. You also see the countryside changing rapidly through the window as you speed through.

The Eurostar from London to Paris departs from St Pancras International in Kings Cross, London and arrives in Paris Gare Du Nord.

Eurostar departure board St Pancras Station London

On board Eurostar London to Paris

Comfortable seats on Eurostar London to Paris

In Standard Premier the seats are wide and comfortable and it’s easy to move around if you like.  Aeroplane seat designers could learn a lot from these train headrests –they are eminently comfortable and great to rest your head against for a travel nap.

Lunch on Eurostar

The afternoon snack included a cheese platter with quinoa salad and a dessert. I enjoyed the cheese but was not quite sure what to make of the rice pudding with lemon sauce. There’s a choice of drinks, including wine, available.

Book your seat early and you should be able to grab a handy table but all the seats have comfortable pull out tables and, the traveller’s delight, a power socket. Make sure you have a power adaptor and charging cords handy.  However there is no wifi available on the train.

I did have to lift my bag into the train, but I know exactly where it is and it will get off with me reducing the potential for a lost suitcase.

Window view - Eurostar

Paris Gare du Nord station interior

Paris Gare du Nord station

Check in is quicker and less stressful than airport dramas and you only need to be there about 30 minutes before your train departs. 

Do check the time difference between Paris and London.  I lost an hour travelling between the cities due to daylight saving.

Taking the Eurostar from London to Paris may not save much time but for me it certainly saves on stress and gives a more pleasant journey.

Have you travelled between London and Paris?  What’s your favourite mode of transport?

Bottom line: The cheapest advertised seat price I could find was 69 pounds. 
Best tip:  Do book early as popular times on this train are in high demand.  

Disclaimer: E,d+bK travelled courtesy of Rail Europe