Breakfast at Botanica, Red Hill

Breakfast takeaway from Botanica, Red Hill, Brisbane

There's a new baby at  Red Hill's Botanica!

I'm not talking about the bundle of joy that arrived for Botanica owners Brett and Alison Hutley last year.

No, this is more of the pop-up kind of baby that sits within Botanica and brings a whole new meaning to breakfast on-the-go. 

Forget shakes, juices or muesli in a cup, from 6am to 9am, Tuesday to Friday, a breakfast pop-up takes over the cabinet at Botanica with a list of options that taste so good you'll want to eat them for dessert too.

Think bircher muesli with apple, macadamia nuts and orange; overnight oats with toasted coconut, cherry chia seed jam and cacao nibs, strawberries and cream chia seed pudding and coconut yoghurt with roasted flaked coconut and caramelised buckinis.

In the Botanica way, you choose four options from the cabinet and they go into one takeaway breakfast container.  Of course you can load it with just one, two or three options if you prefer.

There's more but I'm going to leave them for you to discover.

Spoiler alert - couldn't resist telling you about the ricotta and fresh fig honey sourdough tartines (sorry).

From 9am it's back to the serious business of pumping out salads until 6pm.  That's just enough time to pop in and pick something up on the way home, but the cabinet does look very bare at the end of the day.

Bottom line: You buy your salad by the box priced at $10, $15 or $20.
Best tip: Closed Monday.  Don't go crying at their door, won't do you any good.

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