Limes Hotel Rooftop Bar and Cinema, Fortitude Valley

Remember those awesome 80's movies with the party that just couldn’t stop? Everyone drinking eating and carrying on plus there was always a hot tub?

Well now you can party with fresh jugs of cocktails on a roof top in a hot tub. Just head up to limes and jump on in.

Ed+bK Bar Reporter Alexander Stone takes one for the team with an afternoon at Limes.

They've even strategically placed towels all around the tub area in case you forgot to bring your own while out clubbing, or happening to be involuntary placed in the hot tub by some loving friend 'helping' you enjoy your self a bit more.

Serving up jugs of cocktails a few classics with a twist and a solid beer range, the drinks list ticks all the standard boxes. All drinks are now served in plastic to help avoid any bad hot tub experience involving broken glass. I tried two of the jugs - the Gin Berry Smash and the Flower Fizz - and finished with a delightfully named and tasting Pornstar Martini.

Gin Berry Smash – Gin, chambord, seasonal berries lemons topped with soda
Flower Fizz – Vodka, St Germain Elderflower cordial, Lime and Mint topped with soda

Chicken skewers with chermoula marinade and hand-cut coleslaw

Prawn and avocado with iceburg lettuce lime mayo on a soft roll

Toulouse sausage with pear relush butter lettuce grilled onion on a soft roll

Shaping up to be contender on the Sunday session scene with relaxed tunes and an open, sun-filled environment, the combination of a DJ with a live trumpet player peaked my curiosity after rather enjoying myself there one evening. The two worked together to create something a little different and pleasing to the ears and general atmosphere. The great thing about limes is if your night gets a little to large to handle or that cab ride seems like its a little too long, you can always grab a room below.

Who knows what a night holds but when was the last time you said “Geeze I wish I hadn't jumped in that hot tub last night”? Not often enough I think....

Recommended for: The young at heart.
Best tip:  Be prepared to get wet.
Bottom line:  Bar food averages around $9.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Limes Hotel