Tim Tam VS Tim Tam Taste Off

There are some who say you should never mess with an icon and Tim Tams certainly fit that category for me.

They are my go to biscuit at times of pleasure and stress and have always been a real treat, but what about the new varieties?

Ed+bK Taste Tests

Arnott's Biscuits obviously know they are onto a good thing and have come up with an extensive range of new flavours. I picked two and put them to the office taste test.

So here's their verdicts on the Peanut Butter and Three Bean flavours.  We've done the hard work so you can make your choice in the supermarket aisles with confidence.

Peanut butter

Arnott's have been criticised for this biscuit because it doesn't actually contain peanut butter but instead uses peanut butter flavouring. Anrott's state this is because they didn't want to use nuts in the processing line. There are so many problems with nut allergies in children I am not going to argue this decision. I will say that it definitely smells like peanut butter when you open the packet and none of my tasters felt the flavour was artificial. The chocolate coating is milk chocolate.

Jim -I like peanut butter and this is a good combo

Verity -Doesn't pack a punch. Would have been better with dark chocolate

Kerry- Would rather have maple peanut paste on bread.

-Love it. Tastes like Reese's pieces. Could eat them all day.

Brad - Don't mind it. Would buy a packet

Lynda - I'm a peanut butter lover and I could see myself munching through a packet of these no trouble at all. Fantastic. Close to my favourite ever Tim Tam.

Deb - I'm a peanut butter hater. Could not take more than one bite. Yuck.

Three bean

There's a lot happening in these biscuits with coffee bean, vanilla bean and cocoa bean flavours all demanding attention. The coating is dark chocolate and I think the whole combination works well. A winner but 'only at Woolworths' according to the label.

Verity - Dark chocolate works well with coffee flavor. like an ice coffee.

Kerry - Like a cappuccino in a biscuit, one with lots of chocolate on top.

Deb - A mixture of flavours with a bit of tiramisu action. Noice. I'm not a big fan of Tim Tams but would buy these.

-That's delicious. Very decadent.

Lynda - Mm mm, Very nice, but still refer the peanut but this is up there. Chocolate is rich with a good coffee bean flavour. Perfect with a coffee after dinner at night. A great replacement for the ubiquitous after dinner mint.

Jim - More subtle. It tastes like tiramisu and works well with the dark chocolate. Lovely lingering flavour.

Lara - Smells good. My new favourite flavour. Don't need a coffee now, I can just have a Tim tam.

The verdict

Three Beans definitely won the day but Peanut Butter has a strong following.

Best tip: Hide your packet of Tim Tams well - the vegetable crisper is often a good spot.

Bottom line: Tim Tams cost under $4 per packet.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was just having fun at the office. This is not a sponsored post.