How to be a barbecue champion!

There’s a sizzle as a drop of molten fat hits the burner, the seductive aroma of sausages and onions, and the distinctive clank as the empties hit the wheelie bin.

Warm nights, plenty of lingering light and it’s deck time again at my house. Time to fluff up the cushions on the outdoor lounge, set up the mozzie candles and put the barbie in prime position.

Aussies are barbecue champions but there’s one country where grilling skills are taken equally seriously and that’s the good old USA.

My friends at Trafalgar have partnered with Weber, the guys who make those great barbies (there’s been different versions of a Weber barbie on my deck for about 20 years) to find Australia’s best BBQ duo. They will win the ultimate BBQ lover’s holiday in the USA, with masterclasses at Weber’s headquarters in Chicago before they take on their BBQ champions in St. Louis. Jealous much?  I am!

Trafalgar want Australians to host their own Be My Guest BBQ experiences and submit either three images or a one minute video online to go in the running to win a trip to America to take on Trafalgar’s USA BBQ Champions as well as an grill masterclass at Weber HQ. There’s an Australian cook off on November 27 to determine the AUS winner down at Manly Beach.

You’ve got until November 9 to come up with your winning barbecue recipe and enter. I'm gping to run some great barbie recipes this week to give you inspiration.  GO YOU GOOD THING!

How to Enter - BBQ Champion from Trafalgar - Australia on Vimeo.

Here’s some BBQ inspo from the best States in America for barbeque, giving you an insider’s guide to how the Americans like their meat. Enjoy!


Missouri is famous for barbecue. The slow-smoked barbecue of Kansas City, known for being very saucy, tends to get the most attention — and rightfully so: Kansas City has more than 100 barbecue restaurants. But travellers will discover delicious barbecue across the state, from beef to chicken to pork — and even fish. Go behind the scenes with Missouri’s favourite BBQ champions, the Randalls and the Mellows, in an exclusive Be My Guest experience with Trafalgar where you’ll learn about the different BBQ styles of Carolina, St. Louis, Memphis and Texas before getting tips on what goes into creating a great BBQ sauce.

South Carolina

With more than 200 barbecue restaurants, dozens of professional pit masters and four distinct sauces, South Carolina is prime territory for launching a barbecue-lover’s road trip. Before hitting the road, know the basics: When South Carolinians say “barbecue,” they mean pork — most often, pulled pork that’s slow-cooked in a smoky pit. And depending on your location within the state, sauces could be crafted with mustard, vinegar or tomatoes and prepared thick and sweet or light and vinegary. Travel through South Carolina on the 8-day Tales of the Old South guided holiday and get a taste of the local Deep South flavours.


Texas doesn’t have a one-fits-all when it comes to BBQ. In South Texas, you’ll find meat slathered with thick, molasses-like sauce. Meat cooked so slowly it falls off the bone is typical of East Texas barbecue, which is also known for its sweet, tomato-based sauce. Rubbing the meat with spices and cooking it indirectly over pecan or oak wood is Central Texas’ style, while West Texas favours cooking over mesquite wood. Each style is delectable in its own way, and every bite is an authentic representation of a Texas culinary tradition. Pass through Texas on the 15-day Route 66 guided holiday and taste the Texan flavours for yourself.


Utah is known for its burgers than it is for its steaks; however that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to cooking the ultimate barbecue. Old ranch-styled lodges are the go-to for the best BBQ experience when in Utah. Match this with the rise of their craft beer culture and you’re in for an amazing culinary experience. Stay in Moab on Trafalgar’s 9-day Colourful Trails of the Southwest guided holiday and indulge in a Western-styled BBQ as you take in the views of a stunning sunset over the red cliffs.


Every wondered what it’s like to have dinner with a resident cowboy? Well you can find out when in Montana. Head into Big Sky Country for a western-style cookout in a private campsite with your host, Happy Pappy, who serves up one of his favourite all-American dishes. Pappy will regale you with history and tales of his life in the saddle before breaking into a western song. Find yourself in a cowboy hat as Pappy leads you all to the campfire. This cowboy isn’t armed with six shooters, but an old guitar. Songs next to the campfire conjure images of old wagon trains rolling west and the lonesome melodies of harmonicas in the dusk. Experience this on the 10-day Western Frontiers guided holiday.


Famous for rolling hills and horse farms, Kentucky is also a great destination for culinary adventures. Kentucky has a long tradition of producing both bourbon and barbecue — delicious traditions built on respect for local ingredients and keen attention to detail. In this way, the traditions have become art forms and the people who practice them are some of Kentucky’s original artisans. Whether you’re a fan of chicken, pork or mutton, all are commonly slow-roasted over a coal pit or pile of hickory wood in Kentucky. For a delicious road trip, follow the Western Kentucky Barbecue Trail or head to Fancy Farm and Owensboro, where the locals prepare and serve thousands of pounds of barbecue food at annual events.

For your chance to win a trip to USA flying with United Airlines for the ultimate BBQ lover’s holiday (valued at over $14,000), simply upload three photos or a 1 minute video showcasing how you host the ultimate Be My Guest BBQ experience with friends and family to Five finalists will win a Weber BBQ pack, and the ultimate winner will enjoy a barbeque masterclass at Weber HQ in Chicago and will build their own Weber Q, before heading to St. Louis for a cooking experience of a lifetime against Trafalgar’s Be My Guest hosts and BBQ Champions the Randalls.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.  I'm just helping out my friends at Trafalgar and giving you the opportunity to win.