10 things you didn't know about Nigella Lawson

She's every bit as gorgeous in real life as she is on television, but the real Nigella Lawson is also warm and decidedly down to earth.

In Australia to take part in Masterchef, definitely not I'm a Celebrity Get -Me Out of Here, Nigella is also launching her new book, Simply Nigella, which has been inspired by what she has been eating over the past three years.

Business Chicks  brought Nigella to Brisbane for a breakfast event at Sofitel Brisbane.

    1. There are more than 5000 titles in her cook book collection.

    2.Don't call her a chef - prefers a to call herself a food writer.

    3. Success didn't start for Nigella until she was 40 years old.  She believes it helps not to plan your life because if you focus too much on a five year goal, the lead up is not going to seem very worthwhile. Should embrace everything whole-heartedly because you never know where it will lead.

    4. She doesn't let anyone tweet on her behalf and tries to post a recipe everyday on social media.
    She believes writing about food is intimate and personal.

    5. She's clumsy, makes lots of mess in the kitchen and is not a perfectionist, although you may want to check that with her editors.

    6. Vegemite over Promite on toast because of the salt, but she things Promite might be more interesting to cook with.

    7. Says she likes Australian food as it is unpretentious, original without being trickily original because there are so many cultures feeding into it. The Australia way of cooking is unapologetic about borrowing a little from here and a little from there.  Australia is a fresh, bold, direct voice in food and also has been very influential in food magazines and cook book design.

    8. She will never open her own restaurant, although when she is a very old lady, she might open an English tea room.

    9. She likes word intrinsic, enjoys being in the moment, dislikes noise, is not suited to the coarseness of cursing, loves the crackle of a fire, has no desire to be involved in sport and once had an ambition to be a midwife.

    10. Her favourite food inspiration destination is Thailand but she'd also like to spend the depths of the British winter in Australia.

    Her new book, Simply Nigella, won't be leaving my kitchen bench any time soon.  The recipes promise to be uncomplicated, relaxed and satisfying and I have to agree that they are.

    There are plenty of options as well including easy dinner recipes, stress-free ideas for crowd catering, and food you can just eat straight from the bowl on the couch.

    If you are devastated to have missed a chat with Nigella, Business Chicks have a live stream event on Friday, January 22.

    Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a breakfast guest of Business Chicks.