Join the power with fun finds at a fabulous market

It's the thrill of discovery, the possibility of finding something new and exciting to delight my palate that makes me get out of bed early on a weekend morning and head to a farmers market.

And I'm rarely disappointed, especially when it's the Jan Powers Market at the Powerhouse which is now held every Saturday. On my last visit, I found some interesting local producers that I'd like to share with you but first I'm outing myself as a mad dog woman.

Yes, that's me at the market, with my 13-year-old corgi in a pram.  Before you declare me insane, take a look at the happy look on his face.  He's a different dog since I started taking him out in this $50 pram I bought on Gumtree.  His back legs don't work very well anymore so this the best, actually the only way to get him around because he is too heavy to carry very far.  So laugh you might at this soft-hearted fool, but all the reward I need is in his deep brown eyes.

What did I find?  First stop was The Cheese Pleaser for a taste of their field mushroom cheese toastie.  It's decadently delicious and a breakfast I'll be coming back for again.

Next, I spotted some hand-crafted, fruit-infused sticky balsamic made in Geelong and brought to Brisbane by Jeremy Fay though his Jeremy's Fine Foods. It's a very easy way to enhance the flavour of food and I like to drizzle it over a salad or roast veggies.

Jeremy also had a caramel sauce by the same maker that I couldn't resist.  He suggests pouring this over a concoction of frozen banana whipped in a blender with some good peanut paste.  I'm game enough to try it.

Next, I found Simon and Cale with their  BNE Soda Co small-batch soda syrups made from local, seasonal ingredients.   The flavours include Myrtle Lemonade, Thyme Ginger Beer, Cucumber Basil and my favourite, Galangal & Thai Basil. I can recommend adding a good slurp of this to a gin and tonic.  It tastes like an expensive cocktail that you'd get at a fancy bar.

As well as the Powerhouse Markets, there are a plethora of Jan Powers Markets around Brisbane. Check their website for details on days and times.  Dogs are allowed at all the markets except the one in Brisbane's city centre.

The market is open from 6 am to 12 noon.

Disclaimer:  Just sharing food love.

And just because - here's another shot of my furry friends, Tucker and Bella.