7 simple steps to an easy Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, but instead of looking at your long to-do list, try these tips for an easy, fun-filled festive season.

Selecting premium seafood
When it comes to picking the best seafood, I'll back a sushi chef every time. They have to know how to pick the absolutely freshest seafood because often it is used raw in sashimi or sushi.  And no one wants to have raw seafood that is not perfect, that's my tummy speaking there. Here's what a sushi chef looks for.

What to do with your ham

Nothing says Christmas more to me than a big leg of ham slowly roasting in the oven and the prospect of eating it for Christmas lunch. Every year we work though the ham over a week or so of sandwiches, ham and egg breakfasts, and finally ham and egg quiche. I always save the ham bone, intending to make pea and ham soup, and throw it out around July when I clean the freezer. Here five Brisbane foodies share their Christmas ham plans.

How to bake the perfect turkey
Cooking the Christmas turkey has to be one of the most stressful experiences. There's high expectations from plenty of family members, who usually don't hold back when it comes to comments, and boiling hot Christmas weather combined with a tricky job that only gets practised once a year. Here are my 10 best tips.

The best ever rum balls

That second of anticipation, as my hand guides the first rum ball of the season into my mouth, is always a special moment. I’ve been making rum balls to my grandmother’s recipe for many years. They are named after my father who always liked a drop of rum and anything sweet, so what better than something that combined them both! Read more.

Sensible silly season eating
Evidently, it is possible to be a responsible eater without being boring about it.The trick is to stay conscious of nutrition and avoid overindulgence. Health should remain a priority although pretty evenly balanced with enjoyment. Read more.

How to make a gingerbread house
The combo of sweets, a bit of creativity and some quality time with someone else to make and decorate a gingerbread house is hard to beat, and best of all, you get to eat it at the end! Read more.

How to cut a Christmas cake 
Cutting the Christmas cake so it doesn't crumble is an art that needs to be practised but unfortunately it is a once a year job.  Here's how the folk at Shingle Inn do it.

Disclaimer: No responsibility taken for your excess Christmas calories/kilojoules.  Enjoy!