How to match your cheese with beer instead of wine

It's time to think outside the square and find new matches made in heaven for your favourite cheese according to artisan cheese maker, Kris Lloyd.

Kris likes her beer cold and her cheese full of flavour.  She says that cheese can be matched with a wide variety of drinks, but beer is a particularly good match for her washed-rind cheese.

You'll pick washed rind cheese from the crowd by the orange bloom that covers its surface and by its aroma. Some might call it more of a smell, something like unwashed socks, but that will never put a cheese lover off its creamy full flavoured interior. These cheeses are washed on the outside with a yeast-based mix which creates the colour and adds flavour. It also enhances the beer/washed rind match.

The boys from Green Beacon chose two beers from their range to match with Kris' cheese - the Windjammer pale ale and their Wayfarer USA American wheat beer.

One of Australia's most renowned cheesemakers, she is based in the lush, green fields of South Australian dairy region making cheese under two labels, Kris Lloyd Artisan and Woodside Cheese Wrights. She was the only Australian cheesemaker invited to judge at the 2015 World Cheese Awards in Birmingham.

Kris' range also includes buffalo and goat curds and persian fetta.  She showed an interested crowd of hospitality professionals how to turn several litres of high quality milk into the first stage of cheese in just over an hour.  It was fascinating to see liquid turn into a semi-solid with the simple addition of a few cultures.

The cheese and beer matching exercise was part of Fino Food and Wine's #warehouseseries.  If you can't find the cheese you want instore, Fino Food have an online shop

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Fino Foods.