Beautiful berries

When my children were small The Bramble Patch at Stanthorpe was their one bright point in the Granite Belt winery trail. They loved the fresh berries mixed into ice cream and I loved stocking up on the range of berry jams and vinegars. Nothing much has changed except the children are now all but grown up and range of products from The Bramble Patch is much larger.

I’ve tried the Strawberry Coulis drizzled over ice cream – delish! And love the Raspberry Vinegar on mixed salad greens.

The Bramble Patch will be one of the stalls at the Granite Belt South Bank Growers’ Market on Sunday August 24. They are launching a new sensation, the Ice Burger. It’s a warm chocolate sponge filled with ice cream and sorbet and drizzled with Bramble Patch berry coulis. This time I’ll be the once doing the taste testing, not the kids!

I’m also going to try their vintage shiraz, cabernet and cracked pepper fruit paste and the ruby quince paste. Sounds like the perfect accompaniments to a good cheese plate.