Granite Belt goodies

Those who love regional, seasonal produce should head to the gardens of the Stanthorpe Civic Centre tomorrow, Sunday 12 October,for the first Granite Belt official farmers' market. Trading doesn't begin until a sensible 9am so everyone can have a lie in, and the centre will be filled with producers of food, wine and pamper products, plus a heap of organic produce. Look for the 'buy me I'm a local' signs.

Organisers plan for the market to run until 1pm, unless they sell out earlier, and many stall holders will be offering the opportunity to try before you buy. Amongst the vendors will be producers of tofu, cheese, vinegar, pesto and other gourmet items, plus fresh fruit and vegetables. A butcher and a number of award-winning wineries and lavender producers will complete the line-up.

If you can't make it to Stanthorpe, the next 'away market' will be on Sunday 16 November at South Bank from 10am.