Cheap Eats - Freestyle Tout

Freestyle Tout at Emporium in the Valley has a $22 main with a glass of wine lunch special available Monday to Friday. Chef Nicholas Cooper's menu includes a choice of Ocean trout, lemon and Noosa rocket risotto topped with caper lavoush; Chicken escallops 'Saltimbocca' served on braised cabbage and sweet fig with white wine sauce or Crispy skinned ocean trout served on kipfler potato, pancetta and asparagus with sauce Jacqueline. The wine choice is between Wild Oats Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Rose or Cab Merlot.

The hard thing here would be to resist having dessert at a restaurant renowned for its fine sweet tooth creations. It's your choice!

My contribution to the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) is to blog good quality cheap eats around town.