Where to find the best fresh figs at Buderim

If you like your figs farm fresh, picked from the tree that day, you'll want to know that the signs are out at Wise's Farm at Buderim.

The price is$10 for a large punnet but they are still much better value than any others I've seen.  And they taste so much better than figs I've bought at the Greengrocer.  It's worth the stop!

Figs sales are conducted using an honesty system. Although you can get change, forget your cards, it's strictly a cash system.

The figs are picked every morning at tam and the quantities available vary according to the rise and fall of the ripening process on the trees.

Look for the sign on Wises Road to find the farm but check the sign in Palmyra Crescent to see if figs are still available or sold out for the day.

They usually are  available till the middle of April.

There are many great ways to eat figs but filling them with goat's cheese, wrapping them in proscuitto and baking them in a moderate oven for about 10 minutes is one of my faves.

Find Wises Farm by turning off Wises Road in Palmyra Crescent and follow the signs.

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