Brisbane City needs buzz

It's about time the city fathers got with the times and assisted the change over of Brisbane's dull, dirty and neglected alley ways into vibrant eat streets.

Filled with gangs of students and aimless groups of people, Brisbane's city centre is in danger of losing its appeal. Tourists visiting the Queen Street Mall would get a very strange idea of what Brisbane is all about on some days.

There are laneways throughout the city that (were they in Melbourne) could be filled with interesting coffee stops, fruit bars and quirky jewellery stores. The sort of shops that have earned Melbourne their shopping mecca tag.

Instead in Brisbane they are filled with ugly bins, layers of grime and neglected. They look like crime scenes.

I would have thought city property prices would have made these lane ways a valuable resource. It's time to turn the city back to the people and make the most of what we have.

Photos: Top left - Brisbane's Burnett Lane which runs between Queen and Adelaide Streets.
All other photos taken in Melbourne lane ways in the city centre.