Coffee and Chocolate

Starting with the name, Coffee and Chocolate has a lot of good things going for it, but not enough to make me go back.

I read a review of this establishment some time ago by Alison Cotes in The Courier-Mail. She wasn't that impressed so I decided to give them some time before I visited. Unfortunately they still have a long way to go.

The good things - firstly that it was till open at 3pm on a public holiday when many other coffee shops had closed - secondly it didn't have a surcharge.

What cheesed me off? As there was no sign saying table service, we joined a queue at the counter and waited a considerable time to place an order only to be told to take a seat. Then we waited again for someone to come and take our order and waited again for the uncomplicated order (bottle of water, cappuccino and a muffin) to come.

While we waited, and waited, and waited for the order, the table next door got theirs and I was very surprised to see a bagel that was seriously burnt rather than toasted. I would have sent it back. There was also a very unappetising smell coming from the kitchen - sort of burnt chicken/cheese sandwich gone wrong....

The sign said fresh muffins baked daily so I was looking for something good. Chocolate seemed a safe bet but although it looked good in the cabinet, the only saving grace was that the muffin was warm. It just didn't have any flavour - even the chocolate bits! Definitely not worth the calories. And expensive at $6.95 served with a dollop of what was perhaps cream and half a strawberry.

The coffee was $4 and Toby's Estate. It was a 6/10.

The fit out is attractive with plenty of different seating options and a reasonable range of chocolates for sale. They would have to taste a lot better than the chocolate muffin!

Find it on Given Terrace at Paddington. There's another one in Queen's Plaza.