Hot new Brisbane bar - alloneword

You gotta love a bar that doesn't need to shout that it's there!

One of the things I loved about Queenstown in New Zealand was wandering the streets listening for the good bars. No signs, just a reluctant tip from a local to open the blue door. Wow, walk inside and you're in another world - the sort of place you never want to leave.

Now you can do it in Brisbane and in the skanky end of the Valley no less! Bring it on!

Look for a simple door on Brunswick Street next to the Step Inn – no red carpets, no flashing lights and sirens, no fireworks… just a door. This is what I've been told is inside - a low black cushioned ceiling, cool bar, clever lighting and further through, an incredible open, outdoor space bounded by brick walls covered in amazing stencil art. Think New York rooftop bar where you can see all the other roofs and tops of buildings, but in a private space.

Music-wise, it’s DJs playing house – classic, underground.

alloneword is a guest list venue and to jump on the list just email the owner, this will get you priority entry. Of course your friends are welcome with prior arrangement. Remember, there’s limited space only. Which is a good thing! 188 brunswick st, fortitude valley