Search for the perfect cupcake - Silavadee

The search for the perfect cupcake continues to occupy too many of my waking moments.

On my recent trip to Thailand I had the good fortune to visit Koh Samui and stay at Silavadee Resort.

Resort Manager Luke Salway caught my cupcake enthusiasm and suggested I try the cupcakes baked in house. A veteran of the muffin plate at hotel buffets, I'm always sceptical of hotel cooking. But these were different - deliciously light, moist and flavoursome, topped with a lovely creamy icing.

Luke has kindly shared the recipe (below). It includes a little condensed milk which adds a touch of difference and also means the recipe is flexible for campers (if you can get the oven temperature right!)

Silavadee is a wonderful hideaway on Koh Samui about 20km from the airport. It's located on a hill overlooking a lovely beach with stunning sea views. The rooms are kitted out in teak and hand-made local fabric.

I had a tour of the ocean front pool villas, which have their own private pools, and can report these are to die for.

Vanilla Cup Cake


130 g Unsalted butter
150 g Icing Sugar
2 Eggs
175 g Cake flour
1 tsp Baking powder
80 ml. Condensed milk unsweetened
5 g Vanilla essence
3 g salt

Method of cooking:

Sift flour baking powder and rest
Whisk butter and sugar till fluffy and add salt
Add eggs to butter mixture
Add flour then vanilla and milk
Mix well and transfer to molds filling 2/3
Bake at temperature- top 185 C bottom 180 C 20 min.

Silavadee +66 07796 0555