Search for the best brekkie - Seafood Lovers Cafe, Margate

It sounds a bit silly to send you to a seafood cafe for bacon and eggs, but I can tell you it's worth it.  

This place is a little gem with well priced food and great ocean views. At $9 for a 'big brekkie' I was not expecting the world, but when it arrived I was amazed at how much there was on the plate.  A little inspection showed that careful arrangement created the illusion of abundance and there was no more food than normal, but it certainly was good value for the price.  My only criticism is that they used cheap margarine on the toast instead of butter or something that tasted like butter, and the sausage - not my sorta thing at all. The rest of the meal was great and the views, despite the cloudy, sometimes rainy day, were of the sandy shore of Moreton Bay. 

For the uninitiated, Margate is near Redcliffe, about 50 minutes' drive from the centre of Brisbane. It is a coastal strip which features one of Moreton Bay's longest mainland stretches of sand beach. It also boasts a long, flat boardwalk promenade, making it ideal for those who like to walk, cycle, rollerblade or even scooter.

Seafood Lovers Cafe, Shp 2/ 139 Margate Parade, Margate.