Australian Native Finger limes- Chillingham Banana Cabana

If you haven't come across these little fingers of delight, you are in for a treat.  Australian Native Finger Limes are perfect in drinks like a gin and tonic, on oysters , over seafood dishes, in fruit salad or to heighten the flavour of paw paw.

They are easy to use. You simply break the fruit in half and then squeeze the little balls of lime out.  The fingers are about the size of your little finger.

Put them in any drink with bubbles (champagne works well) and they will go up and down in the glass  - very entertaining.

The finger limes I tried were from Chillingham Banana Cabana in Northern New South Wales, just outside Murwillumbah.  I was on what we called a 'Weed 'n Feed' motor bike tour of  the area.  We started from Brisbane and headed to Murwillumbah for lunch and then outside Lismore for the night.  On the way back we stopped in Nimbin.


Chillingham Bush Tucker only had green finger limes but there are many different varieties available and the colours range from red and pink through to yellow.

This is a great spot to stop and check out what the locals are up to.  It looks like a roadside stall but has an impressive array of deli goods like condiments, sauces and jams, inside.  Some of it is local produce but other is good quality products from well known makers. The lemon myrtle honey from nearby Byron Bay was a delight on toast when we got home. 

As well as a good selection of local organic fruit and veg, the shop sells other bush tucker products, asian and unusual exotic fruits.  Expect to find lemon myrtle, neem produts, buddha's hand, davidson's plums, warrigal greens, seedless riberry and yuzu fruit. They also have a finger lime shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, body spray and moisturising cream.

Chillingham Bush Tucker, 1292 Numinbah Road, Chillingham