Easter Treats - Gerbino's

If you are looking for a different way to celebrate Easter, head to Gerbino’s pasticceria at Kelvin Grove for one of their Colombo cakes, baked in the shape of a dove to symbolize new life.

These large cakes are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. Making the cake is a 36-hour process as the dough has to rest several times and Gerbino's owner Salvatore Gerbino says that’s why it stays nice and moist.

Columbo cakes cost $20 and have to be pre-ordered with two days notice. Supplies are limited as Gerbino’s has only enough imported Italian flour for 60 cakes.

Another Easter treat, also to be found at Gerbino’s, is a marzipan tableau of a lamb in a field called an Agnello Pasquale. Easter Marzipan Lamb is a Sicilian tradition.

The Gerbino’s range currently consists of over 300 products including handmade biscuits, gelato and artisan breads. Although they are all tempting, the Limon cello shortbreads are to die for!

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