The Outpost Cafe, Canungra, Gold Coast Hinterland

Enjoying the view from Main Western Road at North Tamborine

Some beautiful winter weather saw us heading out on a motor bike ride on Sunday through the Gold Coast Hinterland.

We planned a half day ride to end in a barbeque lunch back in Brisbane. It was cold when we started so many layers were required to make the ride enjoyable and neck warmers essential!

Starting from Windsor, we headed down the M1 to turn inland towards Canungra. Once you leave the highway, the scenery is wonderful with plenty of rolling hills, occasional farms and lots of bushland.

The Outpost Cafe in Canungra loomed just in time for morning tea. As evidenced by the line up of bikes outside, this is a popular cafe with bikers.  And there were plenty of them taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

Located on Canugra's main street, The Outpost Cafe is open from 6am and closes at 4.30pm except on Fridays when it is also open for dinner. We were too late for breakfast so settled for scones, jam and cream with a cup of coffee.  Special K ordered double shots because last time the coffee was a bit weak, this time the coffee made my eyes open double fast.

The scones were great but the packaged jam and imitation cream were just ordinary, nothing special at all.

I've heard good reports on the savoury mince on toast for breakfast and the Stockman's Breakfast if you are very hungry.  For lunchtime you should try one of the fantastic homemade pies or the Wagu beef burger with the lot looks like something to try.

The view from Main Western Road at North Tamborine

From Canungra we headed up the mountain to Tamborine and had a quick stop on Main Western Road, North Tamborine. I've stopped here before to watch hangliders jump off the side of the mountain. Very impressive.  There were none there this day but the view was outstanding.

Back in Brisbane for lunch we spent several hours having a few wines and planning the next trip... now what did we decide?

Bottom line: Good place to stop on the road with good, filling food.

The Outpost Cafe, 44 Christie St, Canungra QLD (07) 5543 5283

Roy, Russell, Karen and TC enjoy morning tea at The Outpost Cafe