Tetsuya's Pursuit of Excellence

I'll be watching Tetsuya's Pursuit of Excellence on SBS ONE at 7.30pm tonight with plenty of interest.  Not only because I'm doing a master class with him in August but I'll also be looking for an 80s perm! Not for myself, but the 80s incarnation of a friend on my Eat,drink+beKerry facebook page.

Sue and Danny White are the ones in the documentary.  Sue is the one with the perm, not Danny.  Tetsuya is a friend  from way back and they supplied lots of the old photos for the documentary from when he first came to Australia in the early 80s. (That explains the perm - I wonder if we should look for shoulder pads too?)

Sue says Tetsuya is such a nice person and Danny hired him as a kitchen hand for his first job in Australia. She surprised Danny and invited him to the opening of their restuarant  in Scarborough which, appropriately, is called Danny's Restaurant.

Now you have some extra trivia to make your night's foodie television!  See what else is on this week.

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