Comfort at my table, Milton, Brisbane

Funked up nana is the best way to describe this gem of a coffee shop in Milton.

It's a favourite with locals including men-in-suits from the high rise offices close by who say it's just like visiting mum.

The decor is clean and bright with pine tables and chairs and lots of beautiful flowers. Owner Naomi (Nims) Zavackas' home made preserves line the walls and the cold cabinet is filled with the most delightful treats. Her husband Gideon is the master coffee maker.

I arrived late in the day after the kitchen had closed for lunch but there was still more than enough to satisfy me. I was particularly taken by the vo-vo slice which Nims describes as their Masterchef invention test.  It was a true sweet hit.

One of their Hello Dollies found its way into my bag for dessert. It was another treat of layered granita biscuit, coconut, choc chip, peanuts and condensed milk caramel. Delicious.

For those looking for serious food there are extensive breakfast and lunch menus.  For breakfast I'd like to try Nim's Eggs - poached with crispy bacon, pesto, Nim's banana chutney, roasted roma tomatoes and toasted Leavin peasant loaf - all for only $12.  This is a dish Nim says she's been cooking for ages and I can understand why.

My lunch pick would be a Comfort Salad with wild rocket, pear, honeyed almonds, sheeps' fetta, avocado, red onion (hold the red onion), and a lemon and vanilla vinaigrette, all served with a slice of toasted bread and the choice of grilled lemon-marinated chicken or hot smoked salmon on the side.  Again for the amazing price of $12, plus an extra $4 if you want the sides.

The cafe was opened in December 2009 by Nim and Gideon who moved up from Melbourne.
Comfort at my table is open from 7.30 am till 4pm Monday to Friday and now opens for breakfast and lunch on Saturdays.

It really is a delightful concept, bursting full of old fashioned goodness, pretty food that tastes as good as it looks and is presented to please the eye.  I loved having my slice served on an old fashioned floral plate and discovering a Hawaii collector's spoon with my coffee.  It's all about the memories folks!

Parking is an issue in the area so you'll have to hunt for street parking or try it on the weekends when there's plenty of spaces. There are a limited number of spaces under the building as well.

Bottom line: Definitely worth the calories.  I'll be back when they have cupcakes in the cabinet. I've heard the red velvet ones are very good....

Comfort at my table, Shop 5, 19 - 29 Cribb Street, Milton. p 3162 8574

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  1. I love this place- after our discussion on Saturday morning, you reminded me how cute it was, so I popped back and had the Avo on toast and C had Nim's eggs. I also bought some of the tomato sauce and the tomato Jam ! it was delish!! Thanks for reminding me- it was the perfect way to end a Saturday morning that started with meeting Maggie.

  2. I instantly fell in love with Comfort at my Table when I walked in last week - How it has managed to stay off my radar up until now, I just don't know - Love that you can buy the preserves on the menu- I left with a jar of "Love Apple" aka Tomato Jam. This place is a gem, and I can't wait to try Nims Eggs for breakfast soon.


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