Depot, Emporium Bar Bistro, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

A breakfast meeting is always an early start to the day but the bonus is trying some different flavours. I chose Depot's Sonoma wood roasted spelt muesli with fresh figs and greek yoghurt, pictured left.

But those are strawberries in the photo, not figs, I hear you say!  Yes, and that's what I thought when the waitress served my breakfast without comment.

 Although the strawberries were delicious, I would have liked to know there were no figs left in the kitchen.  I might even have changed my order or been allergic to strawberries but there was no warning of the menu change.

That aside, the muesli was delicious and a great combo with the greek yoghurt, although a little on the expensive side at $11.50 considering the size of the serve and the amount of effort involved.

The rest of the menu is a bit blokey with lots of protein - corned beef hash, sautéed corn, potato, spinach, poached eggs; eggs, hash browns, tomato, sausages, spinach, avocado, mushrooms, chilli jam hollandaise;
depot beans baked in terracotta, pecorino, and herb crust, turkish toast. Or, for the ravenous,  depot refuel - two eggs, gourmet bacon, sourdough toast, mushrooms, house made hash browns, tomato, sausages. That will set you back $19.80.

On a cold winter's morning (yes it does get cold in Brisbane - we think anything under 20Celcius is freezing)
Depot was a good choice as it enjoyed plenty of morning sunshine.  But even that couldn't make me look at breakfasts that included ice cream or sorbet.  Maybe the kitchen could have a winter rethink here.

The coffee was good but also on the expensive side at $3.90.

Bottom line:  Handy parking at Emporium which makes it a great spot for a meet up with friends. Good food but no budget bonus.

Depot Emporium Bistro Bar
31/1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane (07) 3666 0188

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