Dine on a champion at Moo Moo

Want to know what a champion tastes like? 

You'll have to wait five weeks but Moo Moo at the Port Office will have a whole steer to dine on.

Steven Adams from Moo Moo bought the Grand Champion Junior Led Steer of the 2010 Brisbane Ekka at auction.

Exhibited by St John’s College, Dubbo, NSW, the Speckle Park bred steer is a new breed to Australia. It comes from Canada and is known for its eating quality attributes, just like Wagyu and Angus. The Steer was 470kg and fed a custom grain ration of barley and oats for 96 days.

“We saw the steer on show and immediately knew we had to have it for our Brisbane restaurant," said Steven.

“I’m absolutely thrilled. Our customers visit us because they know we have the best quality beef you’ll find in the country. To optimize flavour and tenderness, the cuts will be dry aged on the bone for five weeks before they are ready to serve to our customers," said Steven.

The high quality primal cuts of Scotch Fillet, OP Rib, Porterhouse, Eye Fillet, Rump and Oyster Blade went on display in the custom made dry aging cabinet at Moo Moo Brisbane today. Look for it on the menu in September.

For more information on Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill and their specialty beef menu visit www.moomoorestaurant.com.