Food trends for 2011

Here's the full run of the food trends predictions from this week's bmag.

Food trends for 2011

The predictions are artisan ice popsicles (great for our warm weather), new-fangled sandwiches taking over from gourmet burgers, popup restaurants and food trucks where vendors turn an empty car park into a food fair and more menus with all-day breakfasts.

Rumours that pies will supplant cupcakes as the new sweet treat are hopefully overrated but macarons are gaining power. Yoghurt shops serving homemade yoghurt with fresh fruit are another trend that would suit our tropical lifestyle.

Michael Dalton of Fino Foods says we are going to see even more effort being put into food providence. Produce won't necessarily need to be local but chefs will need to have a good reason to source from far away.

Vapiano’s Will Cooke believes not only not only will we want to know where food sourced, but also its nutritional content. “Government is looking at whether all restaurants should have nutritional information for all dishes,” said Will. “This would be a massive undertaking for the restaurant industry.”

Babak Hadi of Black Pearl Epicure reports an ever increasing love affair with good quality imported and Australian cheeses. Babak says even major supermarkets are catching on to this and are starting to offer exotic cheeses like Roquefort Blue, Yarra Valley Persian Fetta, Stilton Blue and Fromage d’Affinois Triple Cream. “2011 will be the year of Australia’s cheese awakening,” he says.

Chocolate queen Deb Peralta is predicting increasing discernment between good food and bad and a growing ability to walk away from media hype about ‘diet’.

The hot dining colours for 2011 are ‘Limoge’ muted brights says Tom Burke of Caxton Street Catering. Expect to see more peach, mauve and teal tones along with interesting chilled teas and juices based on tropical exotics like dragonfruit or herb blends.

If you are a gadget person, 2011 will be your year with a plethora of gadgets for all purposes coming onto the market. Jodie Macaulay at Taste for the Love of Cooking is expecting everything from herb savers and mango slicers to apple peeling machines and ice cream makers. In kitchen ware the colours are bright with lime coloured sorbet makers, citrus coloured knives and red hot knife storage blocks.

You’ll also be able to expect more from your kitchen appliances. Cuisinart is launching a Hot and Cold Blender with an integrated heater which means you can sauté, boil, heat and simmer ingredients within the blender and then puree. Soup made simple!