Doing chocolates for Valentine's Day? You are so last week!

If you want to move beyond chocolates and flowers for Valentines Day but can't afford dinner at Aria, maybe there is an alternative.

It's hot and saucy and definitely much kinder on your pocket to opt for a heart-shaped gourmet pizza for your Valentine's dinner.

Posh Pizza  at New Farm very kindly sent me one to try.  It was as heart-shaped as a pizza can be with a thin crispy base and a nice amount of topping. I'm not sure what the combo was but there was a touch of fire and some seafood which worked well.

Evidently the locals, you know who you are, like Peking duck topped with Hoisin sauce, coriander,mozzarella, roast Peking dunk break and cucumber shallot salad.

Heart-shaped pizzas can be pre-ordered for $19.95 and come with a gift wrapped box and tag.  You can personalise the tag and their suggestions include 'Let's grab this special occasion by the ankles'.  I think you have to be Gen Y to fully understand that one!

Order online at Posh Pizza or 3254 1677.