Urban Grind, Paddington

Much loved Urban Grind is back on the streets of Paddington, Brisbane!

The shop at 131 Latrobe Terrace is so similar to their old haunt down in Given Terrace that you'll immediately feel at home.  All that's missing is that colourful wall!

The focus here has always been on the coffee, which is very good, but Rachel and Morgan have expanded the food offering a little with some shortbread from Leavain Bakery at Morningside. Diehards will be pleased to hear that the famous brownies are back, same as before, homemade by Kelly. There's also some avocado on toast available - yum!

I was heading straight for a brownie till a fellow customer started raving about how good her almond cake was - there was one carrot cake left and it looked like an upside down cupcake which was all I needed. Also from Leavain Bakery, the carrot cake was absolutely delicious, in fact much to delicious to be known as just a carrot cake - they need a new more impressive name!

Morgan and Rachel

The 'carrot' cake

Along with the fabulous Elektra, there's also a new line up of coffee syphons and the cold drip coffee offering.
Homemade brownies same as before made by Kelly 

The walls are lined with some fabulous photographs by Morgan's friend  by Adam Sebastian West.

Paddington residents are now spoilt for choice when it comes to good coffee on Latrobe Terrace with Merlo, Next Door and now Urban Grind.

Parking is a bit special on Latrobe Terrace but there is a large shopping centre with plenty of parking just a block away or you can hike up the hill.
Urban Grind is open from 6:30am Monday to Saturday and 8am on Sundays from 8am. 

Bottom line - a great addition to the local coffee scene sure to please fastidious coffee drinkers.  Recommended.

131 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane.