Wray Organic, Newmarket

When you are feeling like a healthy fix, Wray Organic offers a selection of breakfast, lunch and snack options.

We stopped at their Newmarket store but they have four locations, two on the Gold Coast and two in Brisbane, where you can enjoy similar food.

The food cabinet is displayed with the day’s selection of options and all food and drinks are made using certified organic ingredients.  Although the salads on display looked inviting, we chose toasties - a chicken and salad and just salad option.  Made using spelt bread, they were both tasty and filling.

The cafe has limited seating but there was plenty of room when we were there.  Their airconditioner was struggling under the hot Brisbane weather but otherwise it was pleasant.

There is plenty of car parking outside which is important on busy Newmarket Road.  The cafe is part of the organic food shop so you can stock up for the week while you are there.

Bottom line:  good, tasty organic food that will fill you up.

Wray Organic, 110 Enogerra Road, Newmarket. p3356 0444