In season this week - March 1

Brisbane Produce Market Report

Vegetable quality has improved this week with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, beans and onions on the shelves, although prices remain firm.

Expect corn and capsicum to reduce in price. There are still plenty of good carrots to eat but make sure they are not stored for too long.

Brushed and washed potatoes and varieties such as kipfler and Dutch creams are easier to find, with greengrocers sorting out the best quality from those sourced from rain affected farms. Quality sweet potatoes are available but remain expensive.

In the salad lines, lettuce, mixed leaf and cucumbers have improved, will store longer but are still pricey. There are plenty of shepard and slightly creamier tasting hass avocados on the shelves. Tomatoes have also improved in taste, but their shelf life is limited.

February is fig month, with plenty of well priced product on the shelves, complemented by a variety of grapes and new season blueberries that are eating well. Be cautious when buying strawberries and be prepared for some of the fruit to be marked.

Rockmelons have been cheap and sensational over the past week and are an excellent substitute for expensive papaws. Watermelons are inconsistent in their quality so look for sliced, even coloured pieces or ask your greengrocer to choose you a whole one.

Be careful not to buy bananas too green as southern suppliers are under pressure to fill the gap left by North Queensland’s cyclone affected crops.

Its apple season with royal gala still the sweetest while the new season red delicious and granny smiths will take a couple more weeks to lose their tart taste. Older season granny smiths will still be available and are the best choice, so try before you buy.

Valencia oranges look ugly but eat well and are stiff competition for the sweet US navels. Watch for specials on lemons with Australian and imported product on the shelves while limes are also plentiful.

Peaches and nectarines are near the end of their season but expect to see plums and quality Tasmanian apricots for some weeks to come.