Cake Star, Albion

Cake Star has been on my 'must visit' list for a very long time but always eluded me.

Today I finally made it through their door and boy I'm glad I did - it was really worth the effort - cupcakes that are definitely worth the calories!

Cake Star's Jade Lipton is a bit of a legend in the baking industry and her extensive experience means she's often called upon to judge other baking efforts.

Jade told me that everything at Cake Star is made by hand, using similar quantities that you would at home, which adds up to a lot of work in a shop that pumps out up to 3,000 cupcakes a week. And it's all real ingredients, no premixes here.

So what's the secret to this delicious cake?  Well according to Jade there's been a bit of tweaking over the past ten years and the ingredients are combined in some slightly unconventional ways.  Just how remains her secret!

Another good thing about these cupcakes is that they are made to stay fresh for three days - great if you are organising an event. 

There are about 30 different flavours and the cabinet was well stocked when I visited. The flavours I chose included raspberry and rose water, double chocolate, malted milk, lavender, caramel and lamington. Each cupcake costs $4.

Bottom line: Among Brisbane's best. A must for cupcake lovers.

Cake Star, 462 Sandgate Road, Clayfield (07) 3256 2885